Landlord and Tenant Matters

Our firm specializes in the representation of Staten Island landlords. Such representation requires the careful and precise treatment of all documents involved in these transactions – from the lease, itself, to the warrant of eviction.

Generally, there are two types of actions which landlords bring against their tenants.

The first is for the most obvious reason – the non-payment of rent. Non-payment actions typically resolve themselves relatively quickly either by the payment of rent or the eviction of the tenant.

The second basic type of action involves the tenant's remaining in occupancy at a property beyond the authorized term. This could be as simple as the tenant remaining at the landlord's property after the expiration of a lease. Such actions are called "holdover proceedings."  More subtle among holdover proceedings are those which involve the landlord's termination of the lease because of the tenant's breach of some condition or requirement of the lease other than the payment of rent. In such cases, the landlord terminates the lease and moves to evict the tenant for "holding over" after the end of the lease which the landlord terminated.

We apply the same attention to detail and thoroughness in these matters as we do in all others. We strive to accomplish satisfactory results for our clients in the difficult legal environment of landlord/tenant court.